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The right of law-abiding citizen to own firearms to protect themselves and their families if they so choose. If you are among them, you know the decision is not an easy one. Most people do not want to consider the possibility of having to defend themselves or their families against a violent criminal attack. At the same time, no one likes to consider the consequences of being helpless and unable to prevent a senseless tragedy. That is a decision only you can make.

Our goal is the safe and practical use of handguns. Anyone who buys a handgun for personal protection needs to learn to handle it safely and to maintain reasonable proficiency by regularly practicing shooting fundamentals. For more information on guns laws in each state click on the following link.(source:

We offer:

  • Teach the rules of safe handling and shooting of handgun.
  • Provide guidelines for safe loading, unloading and firing of handguns.
  • Teach the Principles and Fundamentals of handgun.
  • Provide guidelines for storage, home safety and transportation of handguns.
  • SC state law requirements for concealable weapon permit.
  • Teach guidelines for cleaning and maintenance of handguns.
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